Making The Most Of Your Warehouse Space With A Storage System

When you work in factories, warehouses, or anywhere else that has lots of inventory in supply regularly, you'll need to use equipment to separate things properly.

In this regard, it really doesn't get better than Rack or Shelving.

You can make the most of your organizational needs by following the tips provided.

1. Decide Which Storage System You Need

Rack or shelving is solid, sturdy and versatile. For most effective use, you should first decide which type will be most useful.

Some forms of steel shelving that industrial companies use include multi-level systems, boltless shelves, heavy load racks, and closed or open shelving.

Take a look at the type of inventory you'll be stocking and it will help you figure out which shelves are worthwhile. It'll depend on the square footage of your room, how you'll plan to arrange it, and what weight limitations you're working with.

2. Make Use of Vertical Space

Stick to some solid design principles when you are using steel shelving.

For instance, if you make use of vertical space, you will free up a lot of room in your warehouse. Steel shelving is great because it can be stacked in a number of ways while carrying heavy amounts of weight.

3. Utilize Pallet Jacks, Forklifts and Other Tools

It's one thing to have steel shelving, but you will also need to utilize some tools that will arrange your inventory.

Make sure that you have a solid supply of pallet jacks, forklifts, and other warehouse equipment. Be sure that you also have access to hand trucks can help you stack boxes and unpack inventory.

Some companies that sell steel shelving can also sell you a lot of these tools at a good rate. Aside from the tools that you use for stacking and organization, you should also invest in a baler that helps you break down boxes.

4. Design Your Workplace With Space and Organization Principles

You'll also need to set your warehouse floor space up in a way that keeps you organized.

Set your steel shelving up in rows by category so that you know where everything is stored. Have your steel shelving labeled clearly and coded by colors and numbers.

Make sure that each individual rack is also labeled accordingly so that your employees know where to place inventory.

Keep your workspace well-lit as well so that you minimize mistakes and injuries as people load and unload boxes.

As your workspace expands, you should also think about rearranging your steel shelving in a way that is efficient.

Invest in Some Quality Steel Shelving

If you need steel shelving, these are the tips that'll help you incorporate it properly.

You'll need to use these tips so that you can buy the best steel shelving possible, and use them in your warehouse.

When you're looking for the best shelving and other warehouse equipment, we're the company you need to talk to. We'd be happy to help you with your shelving and inventory needs.

You can contact us online or at (305) 653-6000.

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