Condo Lockers

Vogler Equipment Condo/Tenant Storage Lockers are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the USA. We can assist you in finding Condo/Tenant Storage Lockers in many sizes and made of the highest quality workmanship. We provide Condo/Tenant Lockers for Condos, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals and Governments. We also sell Steel Lockers, Athletic Lockers, Laminated Lockers, Wood Lockers and Plastic Lockers.

Vogler Equipment's all steel woven wire storage lockers are ideal for secured storage areas in large rooms or under utilized areas. These lockers will add efficiency to the storage area, secure stored items, and eliminate clutter in room.

Storage areas are built from two different types of lockers, a Starter Unit and an Add-On Unit. The Starter Unit is three sided; it consists of two wall panels and a door panel. The Add On Unit is two-sided and consists of a wall panel and a door panel. Add-On Units install adjacent to Starter Units or in the corner of existing rooms. Lockers come in two styles, single or double tier. The single tier locker has one door which accesses a single storage space. The double tier locker has two doors which access two separate storage areas. Both styles are available in many sizes. All lockers are made of industrial grade materials 10 gauge steel wire mesh welded into angle frames. Locker types, styles, and sizes may be mixed to meet your needs.

OPEN BUT SECURE Woven wire mesh allows air and light to circulate freely through the secured area, eliminating the need for individual lighting or ventilation. Existing fire control equipment need not be re-routed. The mesh openings allow overhead sprinklers to remain operational after locker installation.

LAYOUT SERVICE Give us the dimensions of your room and the number of lockers required and we will sketch an optimum configuration for your storage area. Remember to include ceiling height and allow for overhead obstructions. We will provide a written quotation with the sketch of the layout quoted.

EASY INSTALLATION LOA lockers erect in minutes with standard hand tools. The panels are pre-punched with slotted holes, and connect with standard 3/8" nuts and bolts. Doors are framed and pre-hung, ready to bolt into place. All hardware, including anchors, are supplied for your convenience.

INSTALLATION SERVICE Too busy to install the lockers? We can arrange the installation work for you. Ask your salesperson for pricing .

EXPERIENCE LOA, the leading supplier of industrial woven wire partition, has been in business for more than thirty years.